ICYMI: UNAWA's SignSecure Caravan in Cebu's Budding Remote Work Community

August 10, 2023 by
RJ Gumban

UNAWA's SignSecure Co-working Caravan has taken a significant step in redefining how remote workers and co-working spaces in Cebu connect. Launched from August 7-9, 2023, the tour wasn't about grand displays but a thoughtful exploration of Cebu's growing remote work community.

By visiting various co-working spaces across Cebu and Mandaue City, UNAWA connected faces, uncovered unique vibes, and shared insights about the budding yet individually-focused remote workers.

The event emphasized collaboration, understanding, and the potential for a more connected future. The SignSecure Co-working Caravan wasn't just a tour; it was a journey into the heart of modern work in Cebu.

Connecting Spaces and Faces

Cebu's co-working spaces each have their unique charm, as discovered by UNAWA's SignSecure Co-working Caravan. From Mandaue City's laid-back atmosphere to the livelier environments elsewhere, these spaces cater to various tastes.

Owners have put careful thought into the ambiance. "We want to help people be productive," said Jeaun Tolsa, Sales & Marketing + Coworking Lead at From Here, Cebu City. "Our environment is work-friendly without being boring. It feels like a home away from home."

One of their employees spoke about their range of customers, stating, "We have clients from all backgrounds, many of whom are involved in startup businesses." The design of each co-working space reflects the diverse needs of these different clients.

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The tour was more than a chance to see the spaces; it allowed participants to connect with them and understand how they promote creativity and collaboration. Rather than merely being places to work, these co-working spaces are part of Cebu's innovative work culture, carefully designed to support various working styles and needs.

A Budding Community of Remote Workers

The UNAWA SignSecure Co-working Caravan provided insights into the emerging community of remote workers in Cebu. It revealed a clear preference for individual work yet also demonstrated that co-working spaces offer unique opportunities for networking and interaction.

A notable feature of these spaces was the presence of students, especially in fields like Medicine and Law. They seek environments that promote focus while also encouraging connection with like-minded peers.

A remote worker shared the following thoughts on the experience: "Working in Cebu is great for business. The opportunities for connection here have positively influenced my career."

The question then arises: How can co-working spaces further cultivate this sense of community among remote workers, especially those who prefer working alone?

The answer may lie in creating more targeted networking events or collaborative projects to bridge the gap between individual focus and collective engagement.

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Co-working spaces in Cebu aren't merely places to work; they're symbolic of a work culture that's still in its early stages. It's a community with room to grow and the potential to develop into a vibrant network of professionals and students alike.

Spreading the Word About UNAWA

Building on the exploration of co-working spaces, UNAWA's SignSecure Co-working Caravan also took the opportunity to spread awareness about its mission. Drew, the Marketing Lead of UNAWA, summarized the objective of the tour: "Here at the coworking space caravan, we want to spread the word about UNAWA and learn more about the community."

The caravan was more than just a visit; it was an engaging event packed with activities. Attendees had the chance to witness live demonstrations of the SignSecure platform, showcasing its ability to provide secure and legally binding e-signatures. The hands-on experience allowed individuals to understand how SignSecure could be a valuable tool in their daily work.

In addition to the demonstrations, exclusive interviews were conducted with various stakeholders. These discussions provided insights into the needs and expectations of the co-working community in Cebu, further enhancing UNAWA's connection with its potential users.

Wrapping Up Digital Destinations

The SignSecure Co-working Caravan by UNAWA wasn't just an event but a journey into the heart of Cebu's remote working community. Every coworking space, with its unique ambiance and the diverse groups it sheltered, painted a picture of a region on the cusp of digital evolution.

Though individual work was dominant, the potential for fostering connections was evident. With spaces acting as gateways for remote workers to meet and collaborate, the path to a more interconnected remote working future in Cebu seems clear.

UNAWA's SignSecure stands at this crossroads, offering solutions that cater to this evolving landscape.

As we look forward to a future enriched with greater connection and collaboration, remember: For a seamless, secure, and efficient digital workspace, choose UNAWA SignSecure. Join us in crafting tomorrow's digital destinations.

RJ Gumban August 10, 2023
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