SignSecure™ is a game-changing solution that makes signing e-documents easy, secure, and legally enforceable. Strengthen signing processes with unparalleled e-signing security with facial recognition technology to verify identities and prevent unauthorized access.


How it works

Upload your document (JPG, PNG, PDF), or choose from SafeForm™ templates

Sign by drawing, uploading an image, typing your name, or by using the two-stage biometric authentication process

Get ensured document validity with the Document Manifest and QR code for retrieval and review

Why use SignSecure

Not all e-signatures are legally binding and certain documents require inked or "wet signatures."

SignSecure™ ensures the highest level of security with face recognition, verifying that the person signing the document is in fact who they say they are at all points.

Pricing Plans

Only need it for personal use?

Just need a tool for e-signing documents for personal use? No worries!
You can sign up for FREE to enjoy the benefits of legally-binding e-signatures.


UNAWA SignSecure™ is an online solution that allows you to close agreements more efficiently with digital documents and legally binding e-signatures that come with world-class encryption and security. It’s perfect for contracts and other documents that need fast and secure signing. You can use UNAWA SignSecure™ on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.

Not all e-signatures are legally binding and certain documents required inked or "wet signatures." UNAWA SignSecure™ is compliant with the Philippines' E-Commerce Act and the Supreme Court's Rules on Electronic Evidence. Learn more about the different types of signatures and the different types of documents that require them here.

Signing up for UNAWA SignSecure™ is FREE and allows you to sign up to 5 documents each month with up to 1 GB of storage.

If you need to sign and/or send more than 5 documents for signing monthly, or should you need more storage, you may upgrade to one of our paid plans.

UNAWA SignSecure™ users will be asked to sign up—but signing up is free. They do not have to pay for anything as a document recipient/signatory, and they can sign multiple documents without limits to the number.

A creator is the party who uploads and sends the documents and requests for the other party/parties' signature.

Each party will receive an email notification with the link to the document that’s been sent for signing. Should you require the parties to sign in a particular order, each party will only be allowed to sign when the previous party has already signed the document.

As the creator, you will receive email notifications each time a party signs the document.

All parties will receive an email notification once the document is completely signed, with the link to the completed document which will now have an additional page for the manifest.

A manifest is the digest of all the data resources obtained, such as the name and e-mail address of all the signatories, as well as the date and time of signing of each party. The manifest also serves as an integrity check of all the data within the signed document.

If this is your first time receiving a document for signing via UNAWA SignSecure™, simply click the link in your email that says “View document” or “Sign document” and you will be led to the UNAWA SignSecure™ sign-up page. Fill out the form to sign up and once completed you will be directed to the document that you need to sign. Look for the sticker that says “Sign Here”, click on the signature field and you will have the option to sign manually or upload a saved copy of your signature which will require an OTP. Make sure you have your mobile number on hand in order to access your OTP. You can update your mobile number in the Account Tab. Do not forget to click on “Affix Signature” to make sure that you have signed the document.

For succeeding UNAWA SignSecure™ documents, you will simply need to log in and sign as you normally would.

We recognize that not all parties involved in the routing of documents needs to affix their signatures. Some need to review and/or approve, while others just need to receive a copy of the signed document once all parties have signed. UNAWA SignSecure™ allows you to assign roles for each party. You may assign yourself as "Approver" or "Receives a copy" if you don't need to sign.

You may send an email to with your contact information, and we will set up a call with you to get a better idea of your needs and provide you with the necessary customized solutions.

Yes! To ensure the highest levels of security, UNAWA SignSecure™ provides:

  • An audit trail that tracks all signatory actions;
  • Secure encryption, ensuring that documents can only be read and signed by designated users;
  • A unique signature for each user, which is accessible only to that user, and stored securely online; and
  • Advanced user authentication methods, including email, access code, and/ or third party ID check.