5 Reasons to Digitize Your Business

October 12, 2022 by

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” — Steve Jobs

Companies have been doing their own digital transformations over the years. The only difference now is that digitization is no longer a trend, but a necessity. Businesses are forced to do it to stay afloat and ensure their success. 

Let’s face it, people are online all the time. Whether for personal or business, an individual can spend seven hours online. That’s why most businesses have a very active online presence in their respective websites or social media platforms. If you’re a business owner and still relying on word of mouth alone to be noticed, there’s a possibility of being left behind. 

Do You Have the Right Tools?

Digitization is not just about the internet and technology in general. You also need the proper tools to be able to carry out company processes. Certain apps and software can improve your business workflow and encourage employee engagement. 

Some apps that businesses use are the following:

Sales Support Apps - These applications collect customer information with regard to their order status, track history or purchases and merchant interactions, and preferences. The data is used for sales and marketing, creating better customer experience and optimizing marketing efforts. 

Office Productivity Apps - These are the applications that help monitor and maintain office performance and operations. From employee time trackers to office communication apps, it increases productivity, employee engagement, and overall efficiency. 

Aside from tools, you also need the right connections that can aid the business transformation, most especially if you’re a startup trying to navigate itself in the industry. Just as the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), together with the DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology), partnered to help empower small to medium enterprises in their quest for digitization. 

Their programs will help MSMEs to grow their businesses through courses and training. 

5 Reasons to Digitize

​1. Save Time and Money
One of the biggest innovations that happened was when documents became digitized. The cost of producing paper and using reams on a daily basis had a steady increase over the years. Companies spend an average of Php 83k for filing, searching, printing, and photocopying. A team member usually spends 20-40% of his time managing documents. From searching up to printing the whole day. Not to mention the physical space in filing them. Imagine the savings when all paperwork becomes digital! Plus, processing documents is faster compared to waiting for them to be printed, signed, and sent out. 

With remote work now a priority for some companies, offices have a chance to cut back on expenses and invest in digitization enhancements. Working remotely also means no more wasting time in traffic. The extra hours gained can be used for more productive work. 

​2. Carbon Tax Benefits
Although it is not yet final, the Carbon Tax implementation sounds promising to motivate companies to go fully digital. The idea is, the lesser carbon footprint, the government will reward you with a lesser tax. As this is not all clear yet, I will leave this gist for now. 

​3. Wider Customer Reach
Because more people are online now, so are our existing customers and potential customers. The world is at your fingertips. We are no longer bothered by distance or time. 

​4. Bigger Social Engagement
When a business is actively connecting with their clients on social media, customer churn is lower. They feel valued when they are attended to efficiently. They will be loyal when they know you are available for them anytime. 

At the same time, we gain more customers with social media outreach. 

​5. Maximize Company’s Potential
When your workflow is streamlined to perfection because of digital transformation, you can expect better output. Employees are better engaged because they have a more flexible work environment, schedule, and digitization makes compliance easier.

How can UNAWA help your Business?

“Anything that can be done on paper, can be done on UNAWA.” Atty. Gino Jacinto, Chief Operating Officer, UNAWA (StartUp Podcast Ep57)

With UNAWA’s digital transaction hub, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep up with a fast-paced digital economy. We offer the simplest and most convenient way to do digital transactions. 

From contract signing to digital forms to remote notarization, UNAWA provides solutions to transact legally and safely in this digital economy. Check out our services on our website.

October 12, 2022
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