Reboot Your MSME for the New Normal with This Free Webinar

January 31, 2022 by

On a roll to help micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with their re-entry planning, regtech startup UNAWA is offering its sixth free webinar, “Ready, Set? Reboot! MSME Enablers in the New Normal” on Friday, May 29, 4 PM–5 PM. Here, panelists will talk about the tools, platforms, and programs available for MSME owners to reopen their businesses in the new normal.

“For many MSMEs, the end of the lockdown doesn’t mean the end of their challenges, but the beginning of a new set of challenges with regard to re-entering the market amid a new set of limitations and government guidelines. Through this webinar, we at UNAWA aim to equip MSME owners with concrete tools and resources to map out their re-entry after the lockdown,” said Atty. Mona Dimalanta, CEO of UNAWA.

Interested participants can register for the webinar through this link:

Ready for Re-entry
To talk more about a range of government and private sector resources that MSMEs can use are representatives from the following:

  • The Department of Trade and Industry, which has been rolling out and sharing various helpful tools and programs for MSME owners to better cope with the effects of the lockdown;
  • eCFULFILL, a provider of e-commerce solutions for business owners to better manage their online stores; and
  • PayMongo, a financial technology startup enabling businesses to accept different types of payment methods for their transactions

Prepared for the New Normal
“Ready Set? Reboot! MSME Enablers in the New Normal” is the sixth installment of UNAWA’s free weekly webinar series entitled “Navigating the New Normal.” For the past month, UNAWA has featured several panelists that include business owners, industry experts, and government officials who have all spoken about different ways MSME owners can prepare their businesses for the new normal, ranging from revenue generation to data privacy.

As the lockdown winds down, UNAWA has two more webinars planned to complete the series, which are as follows:

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January 31, 2022
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