Regtech firm UNAWA introduces an easy way to create legally-binding digital documents with UNAWA SignSecure

July 16, 2022

Manila, Philippines –  Trust is the ultimate currency in a digital-first economy. To ensure the authenticity, validity, and enforceability of digital transactions, award-winning Philippine regulatory tech (“regtech”) startup UNAWA is introducing UNAWA SignSecureTM, which aims to help businesses close agreements more efficiently  with legally binding e-signatures that come with world-class encryption and security. 

“UNAWA SignSecureTM is a game-changing digital solution that makes e-documents easy, secure, and legally enforceable in the Philippines,”  said Attorney Regina Jacinto-Barrientos, CEO of UNAWA. “It combines the convenience of digital workflows and the legitimacy of inked signatures given the Philippines’ unique business context, giving businesses the best of both worlds,” she added.

In its early release, UNAWA SignSecure™ was already used by a group of “early adopters” from government, the private sector, and even micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and independent consultants. Now it is making the platform widely available to any individual or entity that needs to close agreements and contracts under the jurisdiction of Philippine laws.

“As champions of nation building, UNAWA SignSecureTM is our way of enhancing the ease of doing business in the Philippines,” Attorney Jacinto-Barrientos added. 

Enhancing  sustainability, business resilience

Use of UNAWA SignSecure™ does not only fast-track the creation and signing of important documents, it also helps people and companies go paperless in a more secure way, contributing added benefits to the environment.  

“We believe that businesses should leave a positive impact on the planet,” said Attorney Gino Jacinto, UNAWA’s Chief Operating Officer. “Using UNAWA SignSecureTM  is a move towards creating a paperless and a more sustainable workplace.”

He adds, “Integrating sustainability to one’s business strategy not only reduces costs; a company that aims to do good also attracts purpose-driven talents and customers.”

Research firm Gartner estimates that as much as 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper supplies and on document printing, filing, and storage. Gartner also reveals that paper makes up for 50% of office waste.  Going paperless enables businesses to reallocate their key resources to more revenue-generating activities, such as lead generation or digital marketing.

Moreover, unforeseen events such as community lockdowns make sending and receiving paper documents impractical or even next to impossible. Going paperless ensures that transactions can proceed as planned.  

Getting started

Users can start exploring UNAWA SignSecureTM  features by creating an account at Personal, Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans are available, depending on usage requirements. 

Pioneering regulatory tech (regtech) startup UNAWA offers the simplest and most convenient way to digitize key transactions through UNAWA Express. Through its suite of comprehensive solutions, organizations have what it needs to transact digitally and seamlessly so you can close deals and realize revenue, faster. Learn more at

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