E-signatures for HR departments: Here’s how to get started

September 19, 2022

The digital-first economy has transformed how different teams manage business documents, and HR departments are no exception. The conventional methods of managing applicant and employee records can become tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Thus, it makes absolute sense for HR departments to use e-signatures.

Why should HR departments use e-signatures?

E-signatures can help ease the workloads of HR professionals who, more often than not, are overwhelmed with a lot of tasks on their to-do lists. Some of the benefits of e-signatures include

Convenience. With e-signatures, job applicants and employees can review and sign documents wherever they are. This is a key advantage, especially in the age of remote work and global events that could affect one’s mobility.

Efficient document management. E-signature solutions make document tracking fast and easy. One can easily see the status of each document sent out to be signed. E-signature solutions also send out reminders to parties involved to help move the document to the next workflow step.

Security. Only individuals who need to review and sign the document (as set up by the document creator) have access to it.

Sustainability. E-signatures reduce the amount of paper–and storage space–used by organizations, which allows them to cut back on their expenses and carbon footprint.

What HR documents can be signed electronically?

HR departments can use e-signatures as early as the recruitment process and up to an employee’s exit interview.

  • Pre Employment
  • Application forms
  • Job offers
  • Employment contracts

  • During Employment
  • Employee information sheets
  • Acknowledgment/Accountability forms for company-issued items (company ID, HMO ID, equipment, etc.)
  • Acknowledgment forms for internal memos
  • Internal company announcements
  • Coaching forms
  • Performance reviews/appraisals
  • Regularization documents
  • Certificates of employment
  • Promotion letters
  • Leave forms
  • Pay advice/Pay slips

  • Upon Exit
  • Resignation letters (for voluntary exits)
  • Letters of termination (for involuntary exits)
  • Certificates of employment (with end date)
  • Turnover checklists
  • Clearance certificates

Choosing an e-signature solution for your HR Department

To ensure the authenticity, validity, and enforceability of business documents, award-winning Philippine regulatory tech startup UNAWA developed UNAWA SignSecureTM, which aims to help businesses close agreements more efficiently with legally binding e-signatures that come with world-class encryption and security.

“UNAWA SignSecureTM allows us to hire talents from anywhere in the Philippines without incurring travel or parcel delivery costs. Each step of the hiring process is done online. Job Offers, Employment Contracts, and other documents that don’t require wet signatures are routed and signed within the UNAWA SignSecureTM platform. We were able to bring in talents from as far north as La Union and as far south as South Cotabato, and no one had to leave their homes to sign documents,” explains Sally Dimalanta, Director for Human Resources of UNAWA.

HR teams can start exploring UNAWA SignSecureTM  features by creating a FREE account at https://signsecureapp.unawa.asia/. Depending on usage requirements, Personal, Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans are available. To know more about the enterprise plan, send an email to hello@unawa.asia.

With organizations from both the public and private sectors transitioning to digitized business processes, now is the perfect time to revisit existing workflows and start adopting e-signatures. It’s convenient, efficient, secure, and great for the environment. Don’t be left behind.

Get started and create your FREE account at https://signsecureapp.unawa.asia/. Follow UNAWA on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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